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Cat Grooming

Reasons for grooming

Cats spend most of their time cleaning and grooming themselves, but professional grooming will benefit the cats’ health, as any symptoms can be identified and grooming can improve circulation. It also removes unwanted hair and debris, which can cause painful furballs and blockages. Grooming can be stressful for a cat, so keeping to a routine can help calm them.

Before grooming

Before taking a cat to be groomed, it is recommend that you keep them inside and play with them, to put them into a relaxed state. Their basket should be out during this time, with a warm bed and food inside it. Always make sure that the basket is secure.

Cat treatments

  • Short haired clip
  • Long haired clip
  • Wet bath – warm water
  • Dry bath – a foam bath
  • Nail trimming
  • Flea bath – using a flea treatment to protect the cat

A bath with proper cat shampoo will clean the cat in all the places they tend to miss when washing and grooming themselves. Many cat owners tend to avoid bathing their cats as many cats are not overly keen on water, however this can be very beneficial.