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Dog Grooming

17All breeds need daily grooming, how much grooming depends on the breed, age and health of the dog. Dogs that shed should be groomed more often and have professional grooming regularly every 3 months.

Main reasons for grooming

  • Decreases the chances of health problems such as skin irritations, thrush and scratches.
  • Checking the pet for cuts, swelling and other symptoms of illness.
  • Reducing infestation of external parasites (fleas and ticks – if found, the dogs should use specially designed products for a few months to help keep the dog parasite free).
  •  Improving the hygiene of the pet.
There are many different tools for dogs to suit the length of the pets’ fur. E.g.
  • Bristle Brush – used for all types of coats, it removes dirt and dust from all coats.
  • Curry Brush – for thick, long haired dogs.
  • Rakes – for breeds with double coats.

Breeds with double coats are not suitable for clipping (e.g. Border Collies, Newfoundlands and Siberian Huskies).

The most commonly missed place when brushing is the dogs’ tail. Other parts of dog grooming include the ears, eyes and teeth.

When attending a grooming session, the owner should present their current vaccination certificate. Unvaccinated dogs can be put at risk when groomed and put the groomer at risk.

Dogs should always be bathed twice, as one bath will not clean the coat thoroughly. However, a dog should not be bathed too often as it can damage the skin and natural oils, causing the fur to dry out.

Grooming takes anywhere between 30 minutes and 5 hours depending on the depth of the grooming and the thickness of the fur coat. Dogs should be groomed by the same person each time, as having many handlers can upset the dog. Thorough grooming will include; removing the dead hair (stripping), brushing or combing hair, a paw and pad trim, nail clip including dew claws, ear cleanse, 1 bath with 2 shampoos and a rinse, a warm blow dry and a cut, this can be custom to suit the owner.

Dogs that are introduced to a salon as a puppy tend to be more relaxed and obedient when grooming at home. Dogs should have similar grooming patterns each time they visit a professional groomer. This pattern depends on the breed of the dog and the season, as some dogs keep their full coat throughout the whole year.

The dogs in my care are able to stretch there legs in between grooming for toilet breaks in a tranquil 3 acre woodland setting. From the window and door of the grooming room they can see up the tree lined drive, where the chickens often wonder past which is of most interest to the dogs in my care, I do find that even the most stressed dogs seem to become relaxed in this atmosphere.

I have had many comments on how relaxed there dogs are when they come to collect there dogs at pick up time.